Meet our partner – Northwestern Cutlery

Northwestern Cutlery has been a local Chicago staple for over 50 years specialized in cookware for the avid home cook and the professional chef.


Originally Northwestern Cutlery started as knife rental and sharpening store, it has since grown to carry everything you can possibly imagine for the kitchen.  Whether you need a complete knife set:

or a juice squeezer

or a roaster:

And now through Poladora you can can add them to your online wedding registry.


Using your registry to help pay for your wedding

One of my favorite wedding traditions took place in Long Island, typically at Irish and Italian weddings.  During the reception, most often at some point after the first dance but before the cake was cut, the groom would guide the bride from table to table, as she offered the silk purse dangling from her arm to guests and they deposited into it envelopes filled with cash.  To help pay for the wedding.  With maybe a bit left over for the honeymoon.

Well you don’t need to be Irish or Italian and you definitely don’t need to be living on Long Island anymore to figure out a way use your wedding gifts to help defray the cost of of your wedding.  At Poladora, couples can aggregate the credits from their wedding gifts and apply them to any of a number of wedding vendors.  Do you want that beautiful four tiered wedding cake from Sarah’s Pastries and Candies but can’t afford it?  No problem.  Perhaps you’ve been fantasizing about lining the aisle of your ceremony with the lovely flower arrangements from Fleur du Jour but your budget just won’t cut it.  Again, Chicago brides need not worry if they register at poladora.  With Poladora’s consolidated network of local Chicago-area retailers, you can opt not to fulfill on the four crystal vases given you by various aunts and uncles and instead apply the gift credits to flowers for your wedding.  Your ceremony and reception will look fabulous but you won’t have to forego dinner out for the next year in order to pay for them.

You can even pay for your reception.  Check out the beautiful facilities at The Centered Chef at 177 North Ada Street in the West Loop.  It can handle up to  140 seated guests and 200 people standing in their first floor facility and also  has a roof deck option with a beautiful view of downtown Chicago during the summer months.

FROLIC – Blackberry & Cabernet Caipirinha

As an old colleague of mine Fridays were meant to end with a nice drink in the hand; hence he nicknamed that time of day on Frolic (Friday Alcoholic).  With this theme in mind Fridays are going to always include a fun signature cocktail recipe inspiration for your wedding.


24 blackberries

4 ounces Simple Syrup

12 ounces cachaça (potent Brazilian sugarcane spirit)

4 ounces Cabernet Sauvignon

8 ounces fresh orange juice

2 ounces fresh lime juice


6 lime wheels

6 orange wheels

In a pitcher, muddle 12 of the blackberries with the Simple Syrup. Add the cachaça, Cabernet and the orange and lime juices and refrigerate until chilled, at least 1 hour. Stir well and strain the drink into ice-filled white wine glasses. Garnish with the remaining 12 blackberries and the lime and orange wheels.

Outdoor entertaining – Wedding registry inspiration

Every Thursday we will be posting some fun ideas for your wedding registry.  And since I am ready for the nice weather to come this week’s theme is outdoor entertaining whether it be a garden party, or hanging out on the deck here are some fun items to have:

Ice tea glasses from Crosell&Co:

Pitcher for the cool drinks from POSH:

Covered serving platter from POSH:

Create an ambiance with hurricane candle holders from Sawbridge Studios:

Dinnerware that reinforce the feeling of being outdoors from Crosell&Co:

As always you can find more inspiration on our pinterest page:

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Looking for suggestions on what to register for.  We have some suggestions based on different registry types:

– Black & White Urban

– Rustic Charm

– Food lover

– the Chicagoan

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Meet our partner – Sawbridge Studio

Sawbridge Studio has a long history of great craftsman work.  Their philosophy is clearly stated by Harold Sawbridge. “In an age of fads, mass production and questionable quality, it is refreshing to savor those things that are timeless, unique, and reflect the pride of craftsmanship”.  And taking their philosophy to their store they work with craftsman who produce all their items by hand.

Their products include wood furnishings

To linens:

To home accent pieces

Each piece reflects the craftsman who made the piece with a great eye for detail and finish.  Their pieces range in style to include American Shaker to 18th century England, using both new and recycled materials.

You can view their extensive collection at their showroom located just outside of Chicago in Winnetka (897 Green Bay Road & 1015 Tower Court, Winnetka, IL 60093)

You can find the full list of their products on and add any of their items to your registry.  Additionally you can use Poladora’s consolidated registry to aggregate your gifts in order to buy big ticket furniture such as dinning tables, rocking chairs, and beds, or get a Sawbridge Studio gift card and shop directly at the store.

Wine glasses – the basics

I was amazed by all the choices available with regards to wine glasses.

First of all there seems to be a specific glass for every wine variety out there.  Different shapes and sizes will emphasize tannins and flavors differently, they will direct the wine to a different location of your tongue etc.

Now I suspect that many of you are not interested in having 20 different types of glasses just to be able to create a slight improvement to your wine experience.  If that is the case I suggest starting off with the following: either go with just a generic tulip or 1 glass for red, 1 for white, and maybe a champagne flute.

Here are some thoughts on selecting the glasses as I learned from the website 2BASnob &

Glass type: Thin and clear is the way to go.

Red wines need a wide bowl and a wide opening.

White wines narrow bowl and opening.


Also if you are looking into getting to know more I suggest visiting the Wine Discount Center and they will be more than happy to help you with your wine glasses.  Note you can also use the Wine Discount Center gift card to purchase wine glasses