Fun Large-ticket items that you can now include your wedding registry and actually get!

Traditionally, couples were advised to establish a wedding gift registry in order to furnish the home they would be sharing together. The presumption being that prior to marriage, young people either weren’t living on their own or investing much in their surroundings. But today, it is more likely that newlyweds will have lived on their own for quite a while before their wedding and thus have accumulated many of the items that used to comprise the bulk of wedding registries.

Does that mean wedding registries are becoming obsolete?

Absolutely not! It can still be fun – and useful — to register for a wedding because now you can use your gift credits to purchase some big ticket items that used to be out of reach for the newlywed. If you live in Chicago, you might already know about Poladora, a consolidated network of Chicago- based stores that allows you to aggregate credits for gifts you received and use them at any member stores represented on the website. Why not register for a dining room table? The Self Storing Leaf Extension Dining Table from Sawbridge Studios for $2,455? This table will make a great setting for many fabulous meals to be shared with friends.

And while we’re on the subject, it will be important to have something to serve those friends on that dining room table. A Wine Cellar Starter kit from Provenance at $625 is a perfect way to insure your company has a lively time. With two cases of wine to help fill your bar your home will offer a warm welcome to all.

And when you host that dinner party, think about registering at for for vintage sliver plate
hotel flatware from P.O.S.H. At $96 for a 6 piece place setting, Poladora’s flexible credits will allow any happy couple to make sure they can purchase enough place settings to host a dinner party for many of their friends.

Don’t forget, it’s important to look good while doing all that entertaining. That’s why registering for
lighting is such a nice option in gift registries. Why not register for the fabulous-looking Her Majesty
Floor Lamp from MacKenzie-Childs $1200 available at through Crosell & Co.


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