Fun Non-traditional Items to add to your Wedding Gift Registry

I just went to my first civil ceremony this summer. It was a beautiful and moving service and the reception was perfect in every way, especially considering they put the whole event together in just a few weeks. The time frame presented only one problem; they never established a wedding gift registry in Chicago so every guest was left wondering about finding a perfect wedding gift. What do you get two men who have been together for 25 years and already have a lovely home and kitchen and well, just lots and lots of things?

If these two grooms had waited a few months they would have been able to register for as many experiential gifts as they wanted. With the launch of in October 2011, couples now have the option of registering for some non-traditional wedding gifts from a consolidated network of local partner stores that can complement an already established lifestyle.

Food-related gifts are always very popular and Chicago offers great food options. Take a look at the Taste of Chicago basket offered by Provenence. Priced at $60 this basket of locally made sweets and savories would work in any pantry – fully stocked or not! And so would a gift certificate to the Wine Discount Center which can be used at any one of their five stores located both in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. When you can’t think of the perfect gift to give someone who already has everything, you cannot go wrong with the option to pick out of your own wine with help of local wine experts.

In addition, there is a growing market for experiential gifts in Chicago. How nice to offer a prospective couple dance lessons at Chicago Dance. They can register for ten private lessons ($609)and look great on the dance floor when their big day arrives. Many couples would also enjoy getting sharing a one hour private yoga class ($150 at any one of Yogaview’s three locations)  or maybe even collecting a few gift certificates for deep tissue massages ($65 for 30 minutes at either one of Urban Oasis’ two Chicago locations).


For many more experiential gift options when you want to pick out a non-traditional wedding gift make sure to click on where you can find many gifts under one site.


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