Poladora is live

After working on this idea for some time now we finally launched the Poladora in the fall of 2011.

What is Poladora you ask?

Poladora represents a network of local Chicago retailers for gift registry purposes.   We have partnered with several local boutiques and stores in the Chicago area; where we reference all their products on www.poladora.com and people can register directly for any item of our partner retailers through the site.

In creating the network of retailers we were looking to find niche boutiques with unique items or experiences.  We believe that should not be limited by traditional registry choices and conventions and should be able to break free in order to get what they really want and need.  That is why it was important for us to have a wide range of retailers and not just tableware and homeware.  We wanted experiences such as Cooking Classes and Spa Services, Food and Wine, and Furniture.

Poladora is a Consolidated Registry; we wanted to make sure that the people who register get what they want that is why when people buy a gift it does not get shipped right away.  Instead we hold it as a central Poladora credit and the couple chooses how and when to fulfill irregardless of which store the initial gift originated from.  Like this a couple can consolidate several small gifts and purchase a big ticket item like a dinning table or make sure that they don’t end up with incomplete sets of plates and cutlery.

I founded Poladora in 2010 after unsuccessfully looking for a registry that would  allow me to have more flexibility and with less traditional items.


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