Wine glasses – the basics

I was amazed by all the choices available with regards to wine glasses.

First of all there seems to be a specific glass for every wine variety out there.  Different shapes and sizes will emphasize tannins and flavors differently, they will direct the wine to a different location of your tongue etc.

Now I suspect that many of you are not interested in having 20 different types of glasses just to be able to create a slight improvement to your wine experience.  If that is the case I suggest starting off with the following: either go with just a generic tulip or 1 glass for red, 1 for white, and maybe a champagne flute.

Here are some thoughts on selecting the glasses as I learned from the website 2BASnob &

Glass type: Thin and clear is the way to go.

Red wines need a wide bowl and a wide opening.

White wines narrow bowl and opening.


Also if you are looking into getting to know more I suggest visiting the Wine Discount Center and they will be more than happy to help you with your wine glasses.  Note you can also use the Wine Discount Center gift card to purchase wine glasses


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