Using your registry to help pay for your wedding

One of my favorite wedding traditions took place in Long Island, typically at Irish and Italian weddings.  During the reception, most often at some point after the first dance but before the cake was cut, the groom would guide the bride from table to table, as she offered the silk purse dangling from her arm to guests and they deposited into it envelopes filled with cash.  To help pay for the wedding.  With maybe a bit left over for the honeymoon.

Well you don’t need to be Irish or Italian and you definitely don’t need to be living on Long Island anymore to figure out a way use your wedding gifts to help defray the cost of of your wedding.  At Poladora, couples can aggregate the credits from their wedding gifts and apply them to any of a number of wedding vendors.  Do you want that beautiful four tiered wedding cake from Sarah’s Pastries and Candies but can’t afford it?  No problem.  Perhaps you’ve been fantasizing about lining the aisle of your ceremony with the lovely flower arrangements from Fleur du Jour but your budget just won’t cut it.  Again, Chicago brides need not worry if they register at poladora.  With Poladora’s consolidated network of local Chicago-area retailers, you can opt not to fulfill on the four crystal vases given you by various aunts and uncles and instead apply the gift credits to flowers for your wedding.  Your ceremony and reception will look fabulous but you won’t have to forego dinner out for the next year in order to pay for them.

You can even pay for your reception.  Check out the beautiful facilities at The Centered Chef at 177 North Ada Street in the West Loop.  It can handle up to  140 seated guests and 200 people standing in their first floor facility and also  has a roof deck option with a beautiful view of downtown Chicago during the summer months.


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