FROLIC – Purple Rain Martini

(*FROLIC = Friday alcoholic)

In honor of my grad school reunion this week’s signature cocktail is purple

Purple Rain Martini

1/2 shot raspberry vodka
1/2 shot Blue Curacao
1/2 shot chambord
cranberry juice
Combine in shaker w/ice… Strain into chilled martini glass w/ raspberries in bottom.




Questions to ask yourself before registering for your wedding gifts

Selecting items for your wedding registry can  be a lot of fun; it is like creating the ultimate wish list for the new life you are embarking on and telling the world – or your friends and family – how you plan on living your life together.  But before you get started here are some key questions that you should discuss with your partner before you go crazy and loose your self in the moment:

  • What do you already own?
    • Take stock of what you both have, do you have enough dinner plates you like that you do not need new ones?
    • Are there sets of items you currently have they you want to complete or get something that matches?
  • What are you planning of getting rid of?
    • Are your sheets both from the time you were in college and do you want to throw them all and start afresh?
    • Are your pots and pans all tatter and worn?
  • What do you need that neither of you have?
    • Do you not have any formal dinnerware and are you now planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner every year?
    • Do you not have a coffee table or dinning table and chairs?
  • What is your style?
    • Take a second and look at what style is yours.  This will allow you to make sure what you are registering for matches.  The last thing you want is to be 1/2 mid-century modern and 1/2 70s disco theme…
  • What are your interests?
    • Are you foodies?  Should you include some wine and gourmet food items so that you can both enjoy them together?
    • Do you like taking classes together so registering for cooking classes or yoga classes may be the thing for you?
  • What do you really need for the next 5 years?
    • 10 years down the road your interests may change as well as your style.  Make sure you are taking into account what you need now

Come meet us Chicago Bride Fashion Expo

Come find out more about Poladora’s local Chicago consolidate wedding registry at Chicago Bride’s Bridal Fashion Show and Expo at Navy Pier on April 29th.  Use this link to register for free tickets:

Come and ask us questions about how to register, what to register for, and how our consolidated registry works.

Product spotlight – for the true Chicagoan

We could not be a Chicago wedding gift registry if we did not have some typical Chicago items to register for.  So this week’s product spotlight is centered around all things Chicago.  Fortunately for us our partner retailers have a lot of Chicago products and here are some of our favorites.


Mix and match dinnerware

Registering for what gifts you want to receive for your registry is a form of expression on your personal style.

This is especially true when it comes to your dinnerware selection.  You can choose the easy way and get the whole dinner set to be one single pattern or you can choose to break out and mix patterns to create a very unique look and feel that is truly yours.


Here are some fun Mix and Match suggestions

Bringing the garden inside:



Sometimes it is nice to break up the “Classic Whites” with a fun bright dessert plate or coffee cups:


Now what fun mix and match ideas have you had?