Shower gifts your Man will enjoy too

Doesn’t it always seem like wedding shower gifts (and many wedding gifts themselves) are more geared to what the home-decorating and kitchen-oriented spouse will enjoy? How about speaking up for the member of the family who cares more about function over form? There just might be the perfect shower gift waiting for them at, the consolidated wedding registry of local Chicago stores.

Not to be cliche but let’s start off with the perfect gift for many a guy — a gift certificate from the Wine Discount Center. It can be used at any of their Chicago-area locations and also has the added benefit of getting your spouse (and maybe you too) out of the house for a few hours while they browse the aisles for some bottles to stock your cellar.

And what guy doesn’t enjoy a great yoga stretch or a therapeutic rubdown, both of which can be obtained through Poladora purchased gift certificates from Yogaview or Urban Oasis. You can even arrange a couples session for that Yoga Class or Massage — something you can both enjoy together! And when your man gets home, he can relax in a Adjustable Lounge Chair ($540) from Sawbridge Studios that offers comfort with a traditional Arts & Crafts feel.


If your guys likes to spend time with Man’s best friend, how about a Dog Bone Ornament Frame ($23.50 from Crosell & Co.) containing a photo of Fido to hang in his office? Or, register for the best gift of all — a Taste of Chicago from Provenance which will keep you out of the kitchen and able to spend more time together and how can there be a better wedding shower gift than that?




Low cost “Think Local” bridal shower gift ideas

It’s nice to spend the months leading up to a wedding celebrating the bride and groom at various showers. But no one wants to impose upon their guests to bring multiple wedding gifts to multiple pre-wedding events while still expecting a wedding gift in honor of the main event. A great solution to this is to host a low cost “Think Local” recipe shower. The premise is easy; ask the guests to bring a wedding shower gift that costs under ten dollars and bring along a recipe that incorporates this item. Short of ideas for fun gifts in that price range? Check out some of these great low-cost shower gifts at, a consolidated wedding registry where you can one-stop shop for products from local Chicago stores.

For $5, present the bride with a Pie Bird from P.O.S.H. Used since Victorian Times, Pie Birds are “vents” placed in the middle of fruit pies to prevent the pie from boiling over. Simply add your favorite apple or cherry pie recipe and you’ve got a unique and low cost wedding shower gift. Or, if you are cookie expert, give a package of parchment paper.
Printed with a baker’s dozen of bold bull’s-eyes, Bulls Eye Baking Parchment paper sheets priced at $6.95 from Northwestern Cutlery make it easy to perfectly align cookie dough and baked treats. And, unlike a roll of parchment paper, Bulls Eye Parchment paper sheets store flat in a resealable envelope making them easy to store in smaller kitchens.


And if you are feeling particularly generous, splurge and spend $14.00 on a White Hen kitchen timer by Mackenzie-Childs from Crosell & Co. and then add a recipe for the perfect egg salad (complete with the perfectly timed hard boiled egg). Or Folding Hardwood Salad tongs from Sawbridge Studios ($15.00) would make a delightful shower gift when paired with your secret Caesar Salad recipe.

And remember, all recipes don’t have to revolve around the actual food. Think about giving your friend a pair of Foot Petals Tip Toes ($6.95) from The Left Bank that will perform double duty and cushion not just her wedding shoes on the Big Day but will go great with a recipe for cooking any meal that requires the cook to wear high heels (anything French!).


And last but not least, Couple name address labels ($8.40) from Pixie Chicago combined with a recipe for writing a winning thank you note can add a polite and useful touch to your low-cost recipe shower. Bag all the gifts for the bride, place all the recipes in a binder signed in Sharpie by all the attendees, and the happy couple can easily invite their guests to more wedding events without worrying about draining their wedding gift budgets.


FROLIC – Burnt Brandy and Peach

(*FROLIC – Friday Alcoholic)

Today’s signature drink inspiration is coming from my new favorite site for cocktails Classic Mixologist and is and ode to the end of summer since it calls for Peaches

Burn Brandy & Peach

This drink is very popular in the Southern States, where it is sometimes used as a cure for diarrhœa.

1 wine-glass Cognac

1/2 table-spoon sugar burned in a saucer or plate

2 to 3 slice peach dried

(Use small bar glass.)

Place the dried fruit in a glass and pour the liquid over them.


It would look great in one of these Simon Pearce Bar glasses which you could add to your registry:

And if you are not familiar with the Classic Mixologist site I suggest taking some time and browsing through their selection of cocktails sorted by drinking occasion, function, cocktail name etc.


And as they explain “We started this site with about 1,000 drinks sourced from seven historical books and will continue to add more. We also invite current masters of the trade to contribute their newest creations and tips for enjoying these cocktails and drinks using today’s ingredients.”


New favorite item – Cocktail R-Evolution Kit

For those real foodies out there we have a fantastic new gift for your registry our partner Northwestern Cutlery has a fun new item that you can find on : Cocktail R-Evolution Kit


This kit is a molecular mixologist’s dream!


It comes with everything you can imagine , from pipettes to slotted spoon, fun additives and a DVD of how to recipes.  I may just have to get one for the fun of it!

Place settings formal vs. informal

When you are registering for wedding gifts one of the first things you register for is your place  settings.  But somehow it  always feels more complicated than it should be.

What size plates do you need?  How many glasses do you need?  What types of glasses do you need?

Well here is a quick cheat sheet for you!

And dont forget you to check out our partners Crosell & Co, POSH Chicago, and Sawbridge Studios for all your dinnerware needs.  And best of all dont worry about incomplete sets with our consolidated registry, your gifts become credits which you can spend to get what you really want!