FROLIC – Burnt Brandy and Peach

(*FROLIC – Friday Alcoholic)

Today’s signature drink inspiration is coming from my new favorite site for cocktails Classic Mixologist and is and ode to the end of summer since it calls for Peaches

Burn Brandy & Peach

This drink is very popular in the Southern States, where it is sometimes used as a cure for diarrhœa.

1 wine-glass Cognac

1/2 table-spoon sugar burned in a saucer or plate

2 to 3 slice peach dried

(Use small bar glass.)

Place the dried fruit in a glass and pour the liquid over them.


It would look great in one of these Simon Pearce Bar glasses which you could add to your registry:

And if you are not familiar with the Classic Mixologist site I suggest taking some time and browsing through their selection of cocktails sorted by drinking occasion, function, cocktail name etc.


And as they explain “We started this site with about 1,000 drinks sourced from seven historical books and will continue to add more. We also invite current masters of the trade to contribute their newest creations and tips for enjoying these cocktails and drinks using today’s ingredients.”



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