Bridal Shower – Wedding accessories

Have you thought about having a wedding accessories shower? Instead of asking your friends to get you some kitchen gadgets or objects for the boudoir, why not invite them to help accessorize the bride for her big day. By registering for your wedding  and bridal shower gifts with Poladora’s consolidated network of local Chicago stores, you will have flexible wedding registry that will allow you to do just that!

Let’s start with Hair accessories and luckily, Poladora has a myriad of ones from which to choose.  Starting with hairpins that can range in price from $36 for a set of six Crystal Stud Hairpins at The Left Bank to a set of three Crystal Spray Hairpins for $98 at The Left Bank to a set of five Gold Flora Hairpins also at The Left Bank for $169 you will find a wide range of options in making your wedding day coiffure memorable.
Poladora has numerous veil options too.  Register at Poladora for a gift certificate to Smitten Boutique and apply it toward one of the unique Erin Lindsay Designs Custom Veils that can be ordered through Smitten.  A bride can also use her Poladora purchased Smitten gift certificate to protect her hair and makeup from the sun by applying it toward personalized parasols for the entire bridal party.  What fun to walk down the aisle, shaded by a parasol customized in any one of many designs.
And a gift certificate to Mignonette Bridal purchased through Poladora can also be used for an entirely different selection of hair accessories, veils, fascinators and hats.  Being a bride is so much fun:  register at Poladora and see how your girlfriends and loved ones can play a part in making your day even more special.