Second Marriage Registry ideas

Have you ever wondered what is the proper etiquette for wedding gifts and creating a wedding registry when one — or both — of the intended has already been married at least once before?  One bride I know, about to embark on her first and her groom’s second marriage, really wanted to register for some fine china that she had always loved.  But she was concerned that guests would find it rather excessive of her to ask for china when her soon-to-be husband already has multiple sets from his first marriage.

At Poladora, we think that just sounds ridiculous!  First of all, although someone might have been married before, they haven’t been married to this person before and their lives together will be totally different. Secondly, anyone getting married for the first time, deserves to get what he or she might want, not the leftover shards of their intended’s first fine china….no matter how fine it might have been.
To create that new and unique coupling where the ghosts of prior relationships might linger, look to the consolidated wedding registries offered by Poladora and its network of local Chicago retailers.  You want your own fabulous cookware?  Look no further than the MacKenzie- Childs Picadilly Au Gratin Dish  offered by Crossell & Co for $74 at . Or better yet, perhaps you want the perfect roasting pan?  Then better check out the Chicago Metallic Large Roaster with Handles and Rack for $29.95 available at through Northwestern Cutlery.  Everyone should have their own cookware!
And if you have enough of the typical wedding registry stuff, why not think about something experiential.  At ask your wedding guests to help you start your own personal wine cellar.  You could register for multiple gift certificates to the Wine Discount Center so that the newlyweds could have libation with their gourmet meals; Or maybe think about giving two massages from Urban Oasis at $65 each so your favorite couple can enjoy his and hers massages some time before or after their wedding.  Or, for $150, purchase a one hour Couple Yoga Class from any of Yogaview’s three locations — who wouldn’t want to stretch and relax after going through the stress of getting married a second time?
Whatever your interests, don’t let a prior marriage keep you from enjoying the process of getting married and starting your lives together.  Register for what you want, when you want it at and enjoy your new life together.

Bridal Shower – Wedding accessories

Have you thought about having a wedding accessories shower? Instead of asking your friends to get you some kitchen gadgets or objects for the boudoir, why not invite them to help accessorize the bride for her big day. By registering for your wedding  and bridal shower gifts with Poladora’s consolidated network of local Chicago stores, you will have flexible wedding registry that will allow you to do just that!

Let’s start with Hair accessories and luckily, Poladora has a myriad of ones from which to choose.  Starting with hairpins that can range in price from $36 for a set of six Crystal Stud Hairpins at The Left Bank to a set of three Crystal Spray Hairpins for $98 at The Left Bank to a set of five Gold Flora Hairpins also at The Left Bank for $169 you will find a wide range of options in making your wedding day coiffure memorable.
Poladora has numerous veil options too.  Register at Poladora for a gift certificate to Smitten Boutique and apply it toward one of the unique Erin Lindsay Designs Custom Veils that can be ordered through Smitten.  A bride can also use her Poladora purchased Smitten gift certificate to protect her hair and makeup from the sun by applying it toward personalized parasols for the entire bridal party.  What fun to walk down the aisle, shaded by a parasol customized in any one of many designs.
And a gift certificate to Mignonette Bridal purchased through Poladora can also be used for an entirely different selection of hair accessories, veils, fascinators and hats.  Being a bride is so much fun:  register at Poladora and see how your girlfriends and loved ones can play a part in making your day even more special.

Shower gifts your Man will enjoy too

Doesn’t it always seem like wedding shower gifts (and many wedding gifts themselves) are more geared to what the home-decorating and kitchen-oriented spouse will enjoy? How about speaking up for the member of the family who cares more about function over form? There just might be the perfect shower gift waiting for them at, the consolidated wedding registry of local Chicago stores.

Not to be cliche but let’s start off with the perfect gift for many a guy — a gift certificate from the Wine Discount Center. It can be used at any of their Chicago-area locations and also has the added benefit of getting your spouse (and maybe you too) out of the house for a few hours while they browse the aisles for some bottles to stock your cellar.

And what guy doesn’t enjoy a great yoga stretch or a therapeutic rubdown, both of which can be obtained through Poladora purchased gift certificates from Yogaview or Urban Oasis. You can even arrange a couples session for that Yoga Class or Massage — something you can both enjoy together! And when your man gets home, he can relax in a Adjustable Lounge Chair ($540) from Sawbridge Studios that offers comfort with a traditional Arts & Crafts feel.


If your guys likes to spend time with Man’s best friend, how about a Dog Bone Ornament Frame ($23.50 from Crosell & Co.) containing a photo of Fido to hang in his office? Or, register for the best gift of all — a Taste of Chicago from Provenance which will keep you out of the kitchen and able to spend more time together and how can there be a better wedding shower gift than that?



Low cost “Think Local” bridal shower gift ideas

It’s nice to spend the months leading up to a wedding celebrating the bride and groom at various showers. But no one wants to impose upon their guests to bring multiple wedding gifts to multiple pre-wedding events while still expecting a wedding gift in honor of the main event. A great solution to this is to host a low cost “Think Local” recipe shower. The premise is easy; ask the guests to bring a wedding shower gift that costs under ten dollars and bring along a recipe that incorporates this item. Short of ideas for fun gifts in that price range? Check out some of these great low-cost shower gifts at, a consolidated wedding registry where you can one-stop shop for products from local Chicago stores.

For $5, present the bride with a Pie Bird from P.O.S.H. Used since Victorian Times, Pie Birds are “vents” placed in the middle of fruit pies to prevent the pie from boiling over. Simply add your favorite apple or cherry pie recipe and you’ve got a unique and low cost wedding shower gift. Or, if you are cookie expert, give a package of parchment paper.
Printed with a baker’s dozen of bold bull’s-eyes, Bulls Eye Baking Parchment paper sheets priced at $6.95 from Northwestern Cutlery make it easy to perfectly align cookie dough and baked treats. And, unlike a roll of parchment paper, Bulls Eye Parchment paper sheets store flat in a resealable envelope making them easy to store in smaller kitchens.


And if you are feeling particularly generous, splurge and spend $14.00 on a White Hen kitchen timer by Mackenzie-Childs from Crosell & Co. and then add a recipe for the perfect egg salad (complete with the perfectly timed hard boiled egg). Or Folding Hardwood Salad tongs from Sawbridge Studios ($15.00) would make a delightful shower gift when paired with your secret Caesar Salad recipe.

And remember, all recipes don’t have to revolve around the actual food. Think about giving your friend a pair of Foot Petals Tip Toes ($6.95) from The Left Bank that will perform double duty and cushion not just her wedding shoes on the Big Day but will go great with a recipe for cooking any meal that requires the cook to wear high heels (anything French!).


And last but not least, Couple name address labels ($8.40) from Pixie Chicago combined with a recipe for writing a winning thank you note can add a polite and useful touch to your low-cost recipe shower. Bag all the gifts for the bride, place all the recipes in a binder signed in Sharpie by all the attendees, and the happy couple can easily invite their guests to more wedding events without worrying about draining their wedding gift budgets.


Meet our new partner: The Left Bank Jewelry and Bridal Finery

We are happy to announce our new partnership with The Left Bank Jewelry and Bridal Finery!

The Left Bank its doors 17 years ago and brings a little bit of Paris to the heart of Lincoln Park.  The moment you walk into the store you feel like you a transported to a quaint boutique in the Latin Quarter of Paris.  It is the perfect place for the discerning bride to find the perfect accessories for their big day.  They carry some very elegant shoes to walk down the aisle in, or jewelry to shine just that little bit brighter.

And now you can include these wonderful items in your registry as they make for perfect gifts for Bridal Showers or Bachelorette Parties.

Here are some of our favorites:

Product spotlight – for the true Chicagoan

We could not be a Chicago wedding gift registry if we did not have some typical Chicago items to register for.  So this week’s product spotlight is centered around all things Chicago.  Fortunately for us our partner retailers have a lot of Chicago products and here are some of our favorites.


Fun Non-traditional Items to add to your Wedding Gift Registry

I just went to my first civil ceremony this summer. It was a beautiful and moving service and the reception was perfect in every way, especially considering they put the whole event together in just a few weeks. The time frame presented only one problem; they never established a wedding gift registry in Chicago so every guest was left wondering about finding a perfect wedding gift. What do you get two men who have been together for 25 years and already have a lovely home and kitchen and well, just lots and lots of things?

If these two grooms had waited a few months they would have been able to register for as many experiential gifts as they wanted. With the launch of in October 2011, couples now have the option of registering for some non-traditional wedding gifts from a consolidated network of local partner stores that can complement an already established lifestyle.

Food-related gifts are always very popular and Chicago offers great food options. Take a look at the Taste of Chicago basket offered by Provenence. Priced at $60 this basket of locally made sweets and savories would work in any pantry – fully stocked or not! And so would a gift certificate to the Wine Discount Center which can be used at any one of their five stores located both in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. When you can’t think of the perfect gift to give someone who already has everything, you cannot go wrong with the option to pick out of your own wine with help of local wine experts.

In addition, there is a growing market for experiential gifts in Chicago. How nice to offer a prospective couple dance lessons at Chicago Dance. They can register for ten private lessons ($609)and look great on the dance floor when their big day arrives. Many couples would also enjoy getting sharing a one hour private yoga class ($150 at any one of Yogaview’s three locations)  or maybe even collecting a few gift certificates for deep tissue massages ($65 for 30 minutes at either one of Urban Oasis’ two Chicago locations).


For many more experiential gift options when you want to pick out a non-traditional wedding gift make sure to click on where you can find many gifts under one site.